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Our Services

Wedding Venues & Locations


We source and recommend a list of venues for you from a range of traditional to out-of-the-ordinary locations, depending upon your budget and vision. We have exclusive tie-ups in all the exotic wedding destinations to match with your dreams.

Wedding Designs & Décor


When we say we want to turn your dreams into reality, we mean it. Our experts first understand your vision clearly, and then based on that we conceptualize and create the theme for the decor, the floral and the lighting design.



We (Icecube Wedding) want to make your wedding a fun and talked about event. You can choose from the various entertainment options

Photography & Cinematography


You would want to relive your wedding someday. Keeping that in mind, we ensure we will help you capture each and every of your special moments during the wedding.

Luxury Destination Weddings


We offers couples a premier, unique experience in planning their destination wedding or romantic celebration. Each property listed was hand-chosen for its ability to exceed the expectations of our discerning couples.

Wedding Host and Hostess


Most of your duties as host and hostess will be on the wedding day but you'll also be a guest. Prior to the special event, attend any bridal showers and parties that you are invited to. Provide support and assistance

Hospitality & Hospitality & Travel Arrangements


Icecube includes the services like arranging the premium wedding cars like Benz, BMW, Audi and so on for bride/groom and other services like helps to book hotels, receiving the guest from airport, railway station to hotels and wedding venue etc.

Designer Wedding Cakes


Cake is the first sweet which is remarkable to bride and groom to taste as first. The cake selection can be based on themes; we provide variety of cakes like tiered wedding cake, cup cake tower and so on.

Every couple is distinct from another. So they are in constant search for an elegant, fabulous and stunning appearance. Icecube is closely associated with professional and vibrant makeup-styling artists with national and international experience in bride/groom styling. We offer services like bride/groom make-up, hair styling, costume styling and bridal mehandi.

Wedding Itinerary


We arrange the selection of wedding invitation cards from bulk of designs where you can handpick the designs, Thanking cards, wedding letters, and Small gift for all the invitees in the wedding.

Social Media & Online Promotion


We create special pages in social media like facebook for wedding event where others can track their days and activities to engage themselves. Couples & authorized friends can publish various pre-wedding occasional photos, the pictures of childhood memorable days, wedding sessions, after wedding shoots and honey moon trips and so on. We can also post more detail about the wedding conducting convention centres, Location map details etc.

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