5 Ways to Surprise Your Bride at Wedding Day

October 17, 2018

Use this 5 most romantic ways to personalise & super emotional surprise your bride at wedding day. It is truly applicable to our domestic Kerala family culture.

1. Have a Radio Dedication (favourite song):
Le realize your most loved one (Bride) listening to the FM Radio, dedicate her favorite song for the moment whenever you sit closer at the wedding eve.

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2. Reveal about Surprise Trip (Honeymoon):
You can either reveal your well preplanned 2 days trip, as a great surprise or give an opportunity to guess the destination to her. Only revel it hugging tightened. Be ready to include her add-on plans too.
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3. Include her most Favorite food: 
Organise a surprise dinner or breakfast with her favorite food items, since the tasty food is the way to woman’s heart. Plan this moment away at a premium restaurant and you can alone for your extended love.
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4. Give Her a Gift:
A bit of sparkle either a bracelet/pair of earrings / Gold ring/necklace, something special. Jewelry lasts long life, like your wedding life, especially when you’ve put some thought into it. If you’d like her to wear it on the big day, get some input from her mother whether she might have already purchased this specific bridal accessory. You can also hide this gift somewhere and ask her to find it herself. Are you looking for an economic gift, because the volume of Love remains same, even the price of the gift is less. Gift her any ready-made dress. Stitch something sweet on the inner part of the material. Sew something thoughtful on the inside of her dress (anywhere it won’t show to others). Could be a heart, your Name with a love note.
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5. Give her a Hand-written Love letter: 
Write top reason why you love her in a full deck. Don’t forgot to state as that “she is the most beautiful girl conquered you in first absolutely” (:D). You can also mention about your minor love expectations from her.
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Start the first evening mostly with a silent prayer to the God by joining raised hands. Yeh, more surprise ideas, we do thinking, Stay tuned for that.


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