Application of mehndi in culture & beliefs is important. Mehendi is having many health benefits. Applying mehndi can reduce the stress because of Mehendi cool body and slows down stress building in you. Applying mehndi on the bride is an important tradition in Indian wedding because it is believed that the deeper the color of the Mehendi, the more she will be loved by her husband and mother–in–law. And the application of mehndi during wedding season can reduce your anxieties, stress, nervous that arose when the day gets closer.


mehndi latest design

The mehndi design symbolizes blessings, luck, love & so on. North- Indians include their groom’s name & the groom has to find their name from the design. This will be something funnier.

By the time, the face of Mehendi function has been changed. Now, the bride will go for professional artists & most families include DJs. Before bridal mehndi includes only traditional design but today’s brides love exploring new designs.

Here are some designs go through it & make use any of these on your big day.

bridal mehndi design


mehndi best design

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