Fabulous 7 Wedding Gifting Ideas for South Indian Couples (Unisex)

wedding planners in kerala
November 28, 2018

wedding planners in kerala


For guests – in south indian wedding culture, it’s a good manner, and also to emphasize your presence, love, and blessings to both bride & groom with a gift at the event. A single common gift applicable for both must make them more closer & connected. 7 unisex wedding gifting ideas are follows,

Holiday Tour / Honeymoon Package – A premium idea to gift the newly weds couples should be an all cost inclusive honeymoon trip. You can contact & link a travel agency to them for their choice of destination or you can pre-plan a package into a any pleasing cool climate location, such as Munnar (Kerala), Ooty or to any other hill station like Coorg or Kashmir or select a beach location such as in Goa.

Furniture – We can make newly married couples much happy by gifting suitable furnitures for their room or home. It may be a modern double bed with pillows, or shelves or any other.

Home Appliances – This must be a easy way to earn thankful smile from the Couple those who love to Cook together when gifted any Small Kitchen Appliances such as Mini Fridge, Coffee Maker, Juicer, Toaster, Microwave Oven, Hot Air Popcorn Poppers etc.

Gift / Cash Vouchers – It is a nice presentation choice to gift the couple with Gift Vouchers of accessible trendy lifestyle stores or from any online stores like Flipkart. These vouchers can be used to purchase a wide range of their choice and make them happy.

Perfumes – Nice unisex perfumes are a great gift to wish the couple the best in their living beauty which enables them to apply a generic fragrance each other and share the love.

Photo frame – We believe that photos are the best ways to relive the memories over and over again. Then you may consider gifting a special long lasting photo frame for the couples during wedding ceremonies, let them frame their most loved photo in that which everlast.

Books – Let us create a passion for reading, then books may be the ideal gift. Be sure to the gifting book – they will enjoy reading together. Books such as about Family planning, Secret of Love, Mindful Relationship Habits, Practices for Couples to Enhance Intimacy, Building Trust in their Relationship or it can be a well quality printed Bible etc.


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