As the technology has advanced, the present generation has also started planned their life accordingly. The most important part of it is their marriage. However, when it comes to budgeting, making necessary arrangements and most importantly seeking the help of an expertise wedding planner, Icecube Wedding management has a major role to play.

Located across Kerala, Kochi and Chennai, we aim to provide everything that one wishes to have on their big day. From the selection of venues to making the travel arrangements, we bring together everything, under a single roof. A major aspect to be noted is that we maintain a strong and permanent bond with our clients from the beginning till the end.

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Keeping the trend with theme based weddings

Theme based weddings are now being accepted as a trend in Kerala, especially Kochi. Icecube provides a wide variety of themes which the clients may opt for. No sooner than the themes are selected, we make all necessary arrangements in advance to match the selected theme and set the venue accordingly. Ultimately, we aim in achieving maximum client satisfaction. Notwithstanding, we try to keep it economical by keeping a check on the negotiable budget.

Now- a-days most clients choose theme based weddings as a symbol of making memories. We comply to their needs with a constant effort to execute their dream theme into reality. However, theme based weddings are a proffered option to most clients. If not theme based, we try to maintain the ambience of the traditional marriage, maintain the subtle atmosphere.

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Our way of execution

The main reason to being such a client friendly organization is that we give priorities to the dreams of our clients. The first thing that is instantaneously done on when a customer contacts us is that we make a note of all their requirements. Later, we discuss the same with our event managers. Accordingly, we make the necessary arrangements to make the event feel complete.

 Another peculiarity is that we come up with practical solutions to fulfill the dream of the client, standing within the parameters of their budget. Sometimes, we provide the clients with multiple options when they are unable to make a decision. We also send the best staff that ensures there are no shortcomings. This can be experienced through the locations and venue set in sync with your expectations.

Expertise staff to assist

As mentioned above, we provide proper training to our staff regarding the list of requirements of the client. They are provided proper instructions regarding the situation of the event and how to act. We ensure that each activity is performed with cooperation and coordination of the entire team. Each event or occasion is therefore well planned, the requirements carefully listed and then executed.

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We give no room for mistakes from the start to the end and maintain it till the end. Our staff are experienced in various activities from setting the venues, making a list of invitees, calculating the quantities of the requisites and keeping it ready and most importantly, serving the guests to their utmost level of satisfaction.

Destination based wedding

Most of our clients approach us with a demand of hosting their wedding ceremonies in their dream destination. However, not all of them may seem economical. Yet, we consider our clients with prime importance. Therefore, we discuss our plans and make an estimate of the client’s budget and match it with our estimates.

wedding planners in kochi

We arrange for the best venues, restaurants and hotels and make them accessible to the guests. We make sure that there is no room for confusions while accessing the locations. Therefore, arrange for the transport facilities, prior to the wedding and ensure that the invitees do not find it troublesome in reaching the destination. However, we promise to provide premium facilities that give maximum satisfaction to our clients.

 Comfortable travel arrangements and hospitality

Making travel arrangements to the wedding location is one important criterion to be fulfilled while planning a wedding. When one chooses the location, they must either personally guide the guests to the place or make arrangements for the same. Icecube helps the host provide the best hospitality facilities by guiding the guests to the venue and providing vehicular facilities to those who have a problem on reaching the venue.

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Another major problem seen with the travel arrangements is the management of parking spaces. Most often, the invitees are seen complaining about the insufficient parking lots that are made available. Here, Icecube includes a solution to the same, arranging for enough parking lots in advance, avoiding any further discomforts. According to the facilities provided, we maintain the venue and see to it that there are no drawbacks mentioned by the clients.

Entertainment sessions

Entertainment sessions are the icebreaking points during a wedding. It is the only time when both the host and the guests feel free from the lengthy ceremonial procedures. However, these sessions need to be well executed so that they are found enjoyable by the guests. Yet, at Icecube wedding management, our clients are given the choice of keeping the sessions short or long with the programs of their choice. While planning these sessions, we double check the needs of the clients regarding such entertainment sessions and set them accordingly.

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From the traditional performances to the trending types of flash mobs, we plan for the best entertainments that suit the type of wedding. Also, we do host live performances by eminent personalities. These entertainments are given a feel of completion with simple entertainment sessions arranged by Icecube Wedding management.

A permanent, strong bonding with the clients

A wedding, though is considered as a once in a life time event, is still the most memorable day of one’s life. We at Icecube Wedding create such a strong bondage with our clients that it remains the same before the event, during the event and even years after the event has taken place. We maintain our reputation by giving each wedding its true meaning, keeping it memorable forever. Our time management skills and service quality has helped us remain one of the best wedding management services in Kerala, Kochi and Chennai. All we aim is for the maximum client satisfaction which we are sure of attaining through our clients. Our customer support and highly efficient staff are the reasons behind our success till date.

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