We are not the old generation whose choices are limited. This generation couples have a wider & deeper choice. Every year trends in wedding change & new trends will conquer while we’ll be still confused about the one that has been in the game a few months ago. This generation won’t follow anyone as they try to celebrate life in their own unique way. Then why should they follow others for style on their big day? They’ll find unusual colors that aren’t part of wedding & incorporate those colors in their wedding.

If you are engaged & just begin to plan your wedding, here we suggest some colors to dress up or to decorate locations stunningly.


It is the color of love, passion & joy. Some may think red as an old color. But it’s not, red is a traditional color that still leads the game & the position will remain the same forever Most of the brides will select red as their wedding dress & we have different shades of red. Red will combine well with many other colors.

Turquoise Blue

Turquoise is not a famous color at a wedding but this will be a lovely choice. Turquoise looks great in any skin tone. It’s the color of refreshing & awakening. If you are planning your wedding then add some turquoise color in bridesmaid’s dresses, cakes, tablecloths, chair decors & other details will brighten up your wedding.

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Ultra Violet

Yes, Indian’s are unfamiliar with this color for weddings but if you incorporate this as the bouquet, bridesmaids’ dresses, cakes or any other details will make your big day fashion-forward. Ultraviolet will combines well with other colors like white, red, green etc.

Living Coral

Coral is a pink-orange color that is fresh, vibrant & feminine. Turquoise combined with coral will give a stunning combo. This can also be combined with white, yellow, grey etc. Grey bridesmaids dress with a coral colored bouquet will make party stunning. You can also include coral in other details for your wedding.


Grey is a non-traditional color that offers a little extra personality to your bridal look. If you choose grey for your wedding you’ll be added to the few brides who choose to be unique. This color looks great for south Asian skin tone. Grey can be combined with almost all colors & will get an elegant & classy look.

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