Wedding Photography Trends or Changes

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March 22, 2019

Weddings are the most memorable moment in an individual’s life. We people love keeping the memories of that day for the whole life span. We’ll go the best photographer in town to cover the most beautiful moments of your wedding. As evolutions took place in all other sections of a wedding, photography also changed from the past.

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Candid Clicks

Gone are the days of formal traditional photos like posed photos. Now photographers go for more relaxed or candid photos. They’ll capture more natural moments that shows how people enjoy the wedding. The real laughter, joy, sad all emotions are captured naturally.

Photo Booths

Yes, we know photo booths were in trend since ages. But now this has gained more power with young ideas & new gadgets. They are the easiest way of capturing natural laughter. You’ll get the smiling face of all the guests with minimal effort. These photo booths can be made with customized designs.

Social Media

Creating a wedding hashtag will help you getting photos beyond your photographer’s click. That means guests will click pictures & they’ll upload those pictures using this hashtag & you can see or feel your wedding through your guest’s eye. Which will be fun or you’ll get the fun moments of your wedding which your photographer missed.

Pre-Wedding & After Wedding Photoshoots

After wedding photo shoots were facing some denying for some years but now that trend is back in action.

Smoke bombs

The use of smoke bombs for wedding photography has increased in recent time. Using this in wedding portrait will give you a dreamlike a sparkle, interesting & some maximal effect with minimal effort. This can also be done as stop motion.

Every time wedding trends may change & all the event management team will try to catch up on the change.


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